One swing in the market can wipe out a whole year's worth of profits you've added through proper grass and cattle management, we are focused on making sure those profits are secure so you can go back to producing the best product.



Cows In Control Inc. will be a networked consortium of cow/calf producers, offering an easy to use, financially sustainable marketing and price management model for the cow/calf producer clients.


The underlying philosophy of Cows In Control Inc. will be to offer value added solutions to benefit the cow/calf producer and ensure a more sustainable model of production.

Margins will not be charged at the expense of the producer without a confirmed value added result! The goal is to see longevity and strength in the best business in the world, ranching!

About us

Ryan Copithorne

Cows In Control Inc. was formed by Ryan Copithorne, a fourth generation rancher from Jumpingpound, Alberta.

"My whole life I spent working on the ranch finding ways to improve grass, select better genetics, cut costs, all to add value to the cattle I sold off the ranch…and at the end of the day, a simple market move could wipe out a whole year's profits!! I spent a whole career trying to find ways to bring more money into the ranching business, and realized that protecting my hard earned profits through a proper marketing program was actually the best way to keep a year's or a lifetime's worth of hard work from going down the drain. That is why I have built this company, to work with ranchers to offer a service that protects the value of their product, so they can focus on building and improving it." – Ryan Copithorne

Ryan Copithorne's career has involved managing and operating the historic CL Ranches Ltd. as well as designing and building one of Canada's largest cow/calf programs as Cattle Director for an investor owned multi-ranch operation with 8500 head of cattle. Recently, he has worked in the cattle feeding sector with a privately owned cattle feeding, grain trading and consulting company and currently owns a ranching operation west of Calgary. Ryan has an MBA from Queen's School of Business, a finance degree, and over 20 years in the ranching business. The CL Ranch is managed by his family members and can be viewed at

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